LS Belt Tensioners

At LSX Innovations, we provide manual and factory-style spring loaded belt tensioners for LS engine swaps.


The LS manual belt tensioners are a good option for anyone who may have issues with belts flying off when a high RPM is reached. In fact, we recommend these tensioners for all high horsepower and high RPM LS engine swaps. The design is simple, which allows you to easily set the tension where you want with a crescent wrench. Each of our LS manual belt tensioners also come with a new pulley and are all CNC machined for precision.


You can also find a variety of factory replacement belt tensioners at LSX Innovations. Some people prefer a new factory-style unit. As the factory units from GM often fail around 80k miles, we advise that you replace it to prevent any hassle in the future. You can simply bolt the factory belt tensioner on and move on to the next step. No adjustments are necessary.

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