LS tools

We stock a few of the most common LS specific tools to help get your project underway.

Our LS pin kits are necessary when putting a supercharger on any LS engine. The factory crank/balancer are not pinned together. Once a supercharger is installed the balancer will slip on the crankshaft. The solution is to use our LS pin kit to eliminate this issue.

Our crank install/removal tools are a great addition to the tool box if you are working on LS engines on a regular basis.

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LS Crank Pin Kit W/ New Bolt and Install Tool


LS Crank Pin Kit W/New Bolt


LS Crank Pin Kit


LS Engine Stand Support Bracket


LS Engine Lift Plate


LS Harmonic Balancer Install Tool


LS Harmonic Balancer Puller


LSX Torque Plate 4.10 Bore