LS Low Mount Alternator Only Truck Spacing


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·         Low Mount LS Alternator bracket for Truck belt spacing

·         Does not include rear alternator brace, idler pulley, or belt

·         Can only be used on blocks with at least 2 mounting holes.

.         If you have a block with only 1 M10 hole you will need to drill and tap the 2nd hole M10-1.5MM. Use our drill and tap kit found in our tools section

·         To complete this kit you will need a 1998-2002 factory ls1 Camaro tensioner pulley, and a 6 rib belt K060551 55.125 long. If using a 145 or 160 amp truck alternator a 3/4 inch longer belt will be required.

·         Made in the USA from aircraft grade billet aluminum


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