LS Truck F Body Alternator/Power steering Bracket Kit


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This Kit is to use the LS1 Camaro power steering, and alternator with a Truck spacing crank pulley

·       F body Camaro Power steering bracket/alternator bracket combo kit. For Truck Belt spacing

·       Mounts the alternator and power steering pump in the factory LS1 Camaro locations

·       Includes Power Steering bracket, alternator bracket, rear alternator brace, and smooth idler pulley.

·       To be used with 1998-2002 Camaro LS1 power steering pump, and alternator

·       Can be used with truck alternators as well, but may require 3/4 inch longer belt

·       Requires factory LS1 Camaro belt part number 790k6, LS1 Camaro Power steering pump part number 19320094, and power steering pulley part number 12559885

·       On truck engines with only 1 alternator mounting hole you will be required to drill and tap a 2nd M10-1.5MM hole in the engine block. Use our drill at tap kit found in our tools section


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